Lake Tahoe

Whenever I find a break between my travels, you can always find me at home. There's no better place in the world for me to go to just unwind, feel completely stress free, and just loved. Ya know? It's the best feeling in the world knowing no matter where I am, I can always come back to this. And the scenery isn't too bad either! ;)

Napa Valley

Nothing like a quick stop in Napa Valley for a day to visit one of my best girlfriends… Roaming around, eating good food and drinking even better wine is not a bad way to beat jet lag if you ask me... I might have to do this more often. Now I'm heading back to Lake Tahoe for a few days for my friends baby shower! Xx

Shirt - Marc Jacobs | Jeans - Current Elliott | Sunglasses - Ray-Ban | Bracelet - Coordinates 

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We're on our way back to California and what better way to kill some time at the airport then by wine tasting…!? Haha. Leave it to my dad and I to get some quality bonding time in over drinks. ;) My family and I had an amazing time in Palm Beach and I must say, I'm a little sad to be leaving so soon. But this 90 degree weather back home isn't sounding too bad either… ;) See you guys back in Los Angeles! Xo

Sand Castles Premiere

Here's a collection of photos from the premiere of Sand Castles. Seeing the film for the first time was so surreal… After filming over a year ago in Indiana to now, it was so rewarding to be reunited with part of the cast/crew again and to be able to watch the movie together. I am still at a loss for words on how incredible the film was…  but I will say that I am unbelievable honored and proud to be a part of something so special. And a BIG thank you to everyone who played a special part in making this film and to all of you who have supported us along the way! Look out for a screening near you soon!

Scott Jemison, Randy Spence, Saxon Trainor, Daniella Grace, Jordon Hodges, Clenet Verdi Rose